Silvia Crocicchi is a leading children's book Illustrator from Italy who has joined Lemonade Illustration Agency to reach global audiences with her beautifully delicate painterly style. Silvia's illustration style is widely recognised across Italy's major Children's Picture Book market where her work has also featured in Magazines, Educational Publications and on many Picture Book Covers. Silvia's distinctive style helps client's across all platforms to establish their Brand and develop newaudiences for their Products. Silvia's clients include: L'Epos Edizioni, Edizioni EL, Tresei Scuola Editrice, Ardea Editrice, Coccole e Caccole, Coccole Books, Editori Internazionali Riuniti, Editions du Lampion, La Caravella Editore, Psychologies Magazine, La Nuova Ecologia, FiorFiore in Cucina COOP, Enel, Acea Electrabel, Joycare, Goldnote, FERPi, Mercedes Benz Italy and ABI.


Silvia Crocicchi