Rasmus Juul, is one of Denmark's leading illustrators and has been for over 20 years, He has illustrated for newspapers, national magazines and books publisher in Scandinavia and all across the World. Rasmus skills do not end there as he has also wrote and published several children's books as both illustrator and author His style has that rare balance of being able to be Conceptual for Business and Branded content but also fun and whimsical for Childrens Books and Educational Media. Rasmus has a chameleon like folio creating whatever any major Company throws at him and he is also extremely reilable under the pressures of today's deadlines. Rasmus has been represented by Lemonade for many years and it continues to be a pleasure to have him on our roster! Clients include ; Financial Times, Facebook, MacMillans, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, The Times and Scandinavian Airlines 

Rasmus Juul